California maki with surimi Traditional

Preparation time:35 min


300g Japanese sushi rice
3 sheets of Nori
3-4 g of salt
10g caster sugar
3-4 cl rice vinegar
6 sticks of surimi (or 100g flaked crab)
1 avocado
1 half cucumber
50g sesame seed


First your rice (see rice preparation) Prepare any.

Cut the sticks of surimi into slices (lengthwise). Do the same with cucumber and avocado. Depending on the size of the vegetables, adjust the number of blades so as to distribute over the entire length.

Take your easy sushi maker , open and unroll the film. The California is a “reverse maki”, so you have to gently spread the thin layer of rice in the first and tamp lightly. Then place the nori rice (previously adapted to the width of the Easy Sushi®) and press so as to make it take the shape of half cylinders.

Then place the slices of surimi (crab or crumbs) on one side, then the sliced ​​cucumber and avocado on the other. Season with mayonnaise to taste.

Hold the bar of the sushi roller machine and close your Easy Sushi®. Pull very gently on the bar. Stop and pull back on the film. Repeat step 1 again. Finally, roll the cylinder obtained in the rectangular dish in which you have previously spread sesame seeds.

Let stand 1 minute, then cut your California with the knife thinking humidier blade with each pass. Here it is ready.. easy sushi rollers make things a breeze!

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Season with soy sauce or other sauce of cooked juice, wasabi ..