Easy Sushi®,
for perfect sushi…

User manual

Step 1: Open your Easy Sushi®.
Attach the rod of the polypropylene film roll on the edge of the shell and unroll it towards you.

Step 2: Place a nori sheet on the film, shiny side down, and let the sheet take the form of the shells.

Step 3: While holding the nori sheet, add the rice mixture by gently filling in the shells. Be careful not to overfill.

Step 4: Add your favourite fillings e.g. vegetables, fish, meat.

Step 5: Gently close your Easy Sushi®.

Step 6: Hold the machine closed with one hand and pull the rod out with the other, this pulls the film out and rolls the sushi.

Step 7: After your Easy Sushi® roll has formed and wait a few minutes before cutting.

Step 8: Cut up the roll with a decently sharp knife.

Step 9: Enjoy!