Tuna Maki Traditional

Preparation time:


300g Japanese sushi rice
3 sheets of Nori
3-4 g of salt
10g caster sugar
3-4 cl rice vinegar
150g fillet tuna
1 avocado
Wasabi (Japanese mustard very spicy)


First your rice (recipe preparation rice) Prepare any.

Cut 6 slices of tuna about 10/11 cm. Do the same with the lawyer. Depending on the size of the lawyer, and plan accordingly so that it can be spread over the entire length.

Take your Sushi® Easy sushi maker, open and unroll the film. Place the nori and press so as to make it take the shape of half cylinders. Then Spread the rice gently, pressing down slightly. To taste, garnish with Wasabi.

Then place 2 slices of tuna on one side, then your lawyers on the other. Strips
hold the bar and close your Easy Sushi®. Gently pull. Remove the cylinder and directed, cut the surplus of nori (you can also leave it) then moisten slightly to facilitate welding. Let stand 1 minute …

Cut your maki with the knife. Here it is ready, sushi is made easy with Easy Sushi, sushi roller machine!

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Season with soy sauce or other sauce juice cooked.